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Mdoc Inmate Mugshots
Also called booking photographs, inmate mug shots are photographs taken after a person becomes arrested. The mug shotÂ’s purpose is to let enforcers of the law have photo records of the individual arrested in order for them to be identified by investigators and victims. Many times, mug shots are two different shots consisting of one front view photo and one side view photo. These can be collected in a book called a mug book for the determination of the criminalÂ’s identity. In cases that are high profile, mug shots can be published by newspapers and magazines or even shown on the news. Allan Pinkerton is the inventor of the mug shot. He was a famous nineteenth century US detective. Wanted posters were first used by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency from the days of the Wild West. The agency in the 1870s this agency had collected many USA mug shots. This arrangement could have been inspired by the prison portraits of 1865 taken by Alexander Gardner of conspirators accused in the trial of the Lincoln Assassination. These photos were full body pictures with the head turned for shots of the profile. Before the technology of computers, accused people were sometimes told to hold placards that contained their weight, booking ID, date of birth and their names, along with other information relevant to the case. Lately, digital photography was used for the process of booking and the accused no longer has to hold the card. Instead, digital photos that have connections to a database collection that have something to do with the arrest are available. Every inmate needs a mug shot including an mdoc inmate. If you are not sure whether the inmate you are searching for is from the Mississippi or the Michigan Department of Corrections, you can check the mdoc website of each. The goal of every department of correction is the provision of maximum public protection and simultaneously making efficient use of the resources of the state. These goals are met by making sure that the judge and other criminal justice administration members have many options for sanctioning and sentencing. Whether you are an Inidiana inmate, an idoc inmate or a corrections inmate, the priority will always be public safety.


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